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links to classic skateboard videos

Powell Peralta

The Bones Brigade Video Show- 1984

Future Primative- 1985

The Search For Animal Chin- 1987

Public Domain- 1988

Ban This-1989

Propaganda 1990

Eight 1990

Celebrity Tropical Fish 1991

Santa Cruz

Wheels of Fire 1987

Streets of Fire 1989

G & S

Footage 1990

Stun 1991


Shakle Me Not 1988

Hokus Pokus 1989


A Soldier's Story 1991

Planet Earth

Now and Later 1991

New Deal

Useless Wooden Toys 1990

Underworld Element

Skypager 1993

Real Skateboards

The Real Video 1993


Tony Hawk - Ravers 1993

Ocean Howell - Ravers 1993

Jeremy Klein - Ravers 1993

Willy Santos - Ravers 1993

The End 1998

A-1 Meats

Dancing in the Dirt 1991


Mislead Youth 1999


Fulfill the Dream 1998


The Storm 1999

Block Head

Recycled Rubbish 1991

World Industries

Rubbish Heap pt1 1989

Rubbish Heap pt2 1989

New World Order 1993


Video Days 1991

Tim and Henry Pack of Lies 1992

Plan B

Questionable 1992

Virtual Reality 1993


Snuff 1993

Invisible Skateboards

Vanishing Point 1995

Zoo York

Mix Tape 1998

Toy Machine

Welcome to Hell 1996


Yeah Right 2003

XYZ Clothing

Stars and Bars 1995

Big Brother

Shit pt1 1996

Number 2 1998

Boob 1999

Crap 2001


Menikmati 2002


This is Skateboarding 2003

More to come... We need help, send us the links or what you want. We started with old ass videos and going to reach newer ones soon. If the link is dead, please let us know so we can get rid of it. This is going to be more organized in the future. Sorry.